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Tips To Maintain Your Referral Network As It Grows

Tips To Maintain Your Referral Network As It Grows

A business can’t grow quickly without a referral network. They are some of the most valuable leads you can get, and generally, they’re already interested in working with you. But building a larger referral network shouldn’t be your only goal. It’s just as important to cultivate the business networking contacts you already have. But what’s the best way to maintain your referral network? Here are five tips for keeping and strengthening your referral network as it grows.

Stay Connected.

It's been said that an airplane burns the most fuel just getting off the ground. And once it's cruising at altitude, it takes less fuel to keep it there. It's true that starting something takes more work than keeping it going. Business relationships are the same way. Building a relationship with a business referral is usually the hardest part. It takes less effort to maintain that relationship. But just like the airplane, you still have to keep it moving. Calendar regular check ins with connections in your referral network. If it's been a while since you've spoken to someone in your referral network, reach out to them. Staying connected with members of your current referral network will make it more likely for them to refer you again in the future.

Take a Service-First Approach.

Many psychologists have said that helping other people is contagious. So when you look after your business contacts, they look after you. The more you focus on serving members of your business referral network, the more value you'll receive from your network in return. Introducing connections to key partners, making customer introductions, and sending them information relevant to their area of business are great ways to be of service to people in your referral network. When you help them out, you'll find they help you out in return.

Find Ways to Collaborate.

Maintaining your business referral network shouldn't have to be a chore. If you can find creative ways to collaborate with your connections, you'll be more likely to build a stronger business relationship and help people remember you the next time an opportunity pops up. For example, you could co-author a blog article, co-host a speaking event, or run an event together.

Keep Building Your Network.

Once you’ve built up a sizable business referral network, it can be tempting to step back and rest on your laurels. But falling into the trap of complacency can be a recipe for disappointment. Even if you have a large enough referral base, it’s always a good idea to continue working on building it bigger. Meeting new people, making new business connections with people who share your customer base, and networking with people in complementary industries will help you maintain a steady stream of prospective referrals.

Always Keep Your Business Referral Network In Mind.

Successful business networkers are the people who are always thinking about making connections. You never know when the opportunity to get a new referral might pop up. Ultimately, maintaining your business referral network is all about taking care of the business connections that take care of you. 

A great way to maintain your referral network as it grows is to join a business networking group like 4BR. Networking groups provide a regular opportunity for people to build professional and personal connections.

If you're looking for a referral-based networking group to build connections, a great choice is 4BR. We have networking referral groups in your area designed to support your business with referrals.

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