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4BR | Building Better Business By Referral

4BR is evolving business development to create a focused, supportive community of business professionals where all ages, industries, and levels of experience join together in a shared desire to be better and do more. By expanding your business network and building up your contact-base for referrals, you will see results in your business development and success.

What is 4BR?

4BR is focused on professional and business development through connection with others, training and education, and growing your business through referrals.

4BR is a networking and referral organization with hundreds of members across dozens of industries and locations and is expanding to more national locations this year. Members meet weekly with other business professionals outside of their industry to develop relationships.  Groups are led by an experienced 4BR member who has seen success through group membership and participation. 4BR groups maintain business exclusivity, meaning that in each 4BR group there is only one member per industry category. This allows you to expand your reach through a strong referral network to customers outside of your own community. Each meeting encourages creating new contacts to grow your referral network and oftentimes features a guest speaker. 

4BR also provides business development training and classes to provide resources and strategies to align your actions with your business intentions. Classes and workshops happen throughout the year, taught by industry professionals who share their tried and true methods for success. Check out upcoming training events.

What is 4BR?


Why 4BR?

We have all heard that networking is a useful and important tool in building a business. But for many of us, it can be anxiety-provoking or feel like a chore. Networking events can vary widely in quality, and often attending events leave you frustrated with no new connections or knowledge.

At 4BR we confidently believe that personal and professional growth allows us to establish the kind of lasting relationships that support and sustain our vitality as individuals and business people. With groups meeting regularly every week, 4BR has the experience and membership to provide deeper, more valuable networking opportunities and connections. 4BR groups are designed to help you level up in your professional development with classes and content that help you build your networking skills. So not only can you build your personal network, but build the skills that will help you continue to grow your network and business outside of your 4BR community.

While there are many networking options out there, including many which are free and open to the public, the benefits of these events vary widely. It’s hard to form a connection with another business professional in a single conversation. And with open events, the attendees are constantly changing which makes it difficult to establish lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Along with unreliable content value, open and free networking events can often be more work than they’re worth as you try to establish lasting connections among a sea of changing faces.

4BR is different. With established members and consistent groups, forming connections isn’t only easy, it’s fun. And as a dedicated networking organization, 4BR has the experience to provide valuable and reliable networking opportunities. Come visit one of our meetings and experience what 4BR is all about.

Why 4BR?

Experience 4BR for Yourself

Pick a group that fits your schedule and join us as a guest. You have to experience it for yourself! We currently host groups across the Front Range and are continually expanding our group locations. From Arvada to Aurora, Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, there are 4BR groups in many of the major cities and towns across Colorado.

After attending your first 4BR meeting, you can join as a member and add a reliable, valuable networking opportunity to your calendar every week. 4BR is an excellent way to check networking off your personal and organizational to-do list as you build useful connections with other professionals and utilize referrals to build your business.

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4BR is Expanding

4BR is expanding in Colorado and nationally! If you are interested in starting a group in your area and enjoying the benefits of an established member network, get in touch with Tammy.