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Thank you for your interest in joining 4BR | Building Better Business By Referral and can’t wait for you to join us.

No matter your level of experience in business and networking, we have something for you! 4BR networking groups are more than a weekly networking event, but provide a regular opportunity for professional development and lasting professional and personal connections. 4BR groups are a supportive, encouraging environment to work on your business and our members see success as a result. 

Member groups meet weekly in many locations. Visit the Groups page to find a meeting time and place that works for you. Once you’ve found a meeting group you would like to join, you’re ready to complete your application!

To get started, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to join the 4BR Newsletter to stay up to date on events, groups, tips, and more. Don’t worry, we hate spam too! Once completed, you’ll be redirected to our official Member Application.

You’ll need yourself and your payment method! The application isn’t difficult or complex and, aside from your payment, you most likely already have all the answers. The application asks for your individual information (for example, your address, phone number, and email), details about your business (like your industry, your business website, and business address), what group location and time you would like to join, community organizations you’re involved in, and for a personal and professional reference. In the application process, you’ll also sign our membership guidelines and attendance policy. The application does not save your progress as you complete it, so be prepared to complete the application in a single sitting through entering your payment.

There is a one-time $150 administration fee to start your 4BR membership, then your membership is an annual membership. Once initially paid, further membership dues will be automatically drafted.

Annual membership – $725.00

Yes. While we understand that life can be busy and there will be times when your 4BR group meeting doesn’t work with your schedule, consistent attendance is key to building effective business relationships and continuing to develop professionally and personally. Members are allowed three absences from their group meetings per quarter.

Yes, 4BR groups are industry exclusive. In each 4BR meeting group there is no overlap between industries, meaning that only one member from a group can be in each business category. This provides the opportunity to expand your referral network considerably and make connections outside of your field. 

You’ll be approved automatically once completing the application and payment is processed unless the business industry you selected is already filled in the group you’re looking to join. If your business category is already taken in the group you’d like to join, you’ll receive an email with alternate options. If those options aren’t a good fit, you can also be added to a waitlist for the specific group you’re interested in.

Immediately! Once you’ve been approved to join 4BR, you can begin attending your 4BR group meeting and start building connections. Add your weekly meeting to your calendar and check networking off your to-do list.

Please Note:

Please be prepared to complete the application through payment in one sitting. The application does not save progress. Complete the form below to be redirected to the membership application. To complete your application you’ll need: 

A credit or debit card for payment
Personal information (your address, email, and phone number)
Business information (your business name, industry, website, and business address)
A personal reference and professional reference