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Benefits of 4BR Membership

There are a number of reasons to join the 4BR community as a member. Not only are 4BR groups focused on creating a robust referral network to help you grow your business, but members create a strong business community where everyone is supportive and eager to see your business succeed. We welcome people of all professions and experience levels. With a diverse group of members, you can expand your business network and find support at every stage of your career. 4BR groups meet regularly in a number of locations and are a reliable, focused way to add quality networking time onto your calendar each week. Keep reading about the ways in which 4BR can help you and your business grow or apply to be a member today!

Development & Networking


4BR has a focus on personal and professional development. Our world is ever changing and we need to grow with those changes on both a personal and professional level. 4BR member groups help you create a robust referral network across dozens of different industries. 4BR groups are business exclusive, meaning that there is only one member per business category in each group. This allows for connections and insight outside of your industry, creating a wider network to help your business flourish. 4BR members also enjoy regular development training to align your actions with your business intentions taught by entrepreneurs and professionals who share actionable tips that brought them business success.

Relationships & Business


When you are working on yourself and your business with the help of others it changes your relationships. The bonds you create become stronger and more complex. Unlike some networking events where you’re trying to connect in a crowd, 4BR groups are each limited to twenty five members and the focus is on helping you build strong, lasting business relationships that will feed you for a lifetime – personally, professionally or both. Unlike one-time networking events or groups that meet sporadically, the regularity of 4BR meetings provide an opportunity to form real relationships that last beyond exchanging business cards.

Community & Fun


We are a business community and we are an extended family. While we’re focused on professional and personal development, we also prioritize having fun together. Our members often interact outside of 4BR events, both in professional settings with one-on-one networking and socially as friendships develop outside of business relationships. By creating a strong, supportive, and fun community, 4BR makes networking easy, and building relationships is a natural part of the process. And with a strong, interconnected community, your business can grow stronger as well. You can see growth through the support and referrals of other 4BR members because our community is continually supporting one another.

Member Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for why you should join the 4BR business community — hear it from our members! We have hundreds of members across dozens of industries who have used 4BR networking groups to grow their businesses by referrals, continue to develop personally and professionally, and establish lasting relationships. Our members join 4BR and become regulars in their groups because they see results, and you can, too.