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4BR | Building Better Business By Referral

Professional Networking for Business Groups


4BR is a membership-based personal and professional development Community. 4BR provides an environment for both new and established business professionals to develop a referral network that will feed you for a lifetime personally and professionally.

  • Professional Networking for Business with 4BR Group Meetings

Organized, Professional Agenda-run meetings, Not Uptight but On Purpose.

  • Quarterly Regional Business Networking Events
    Members and non-Members are Welcome.

Quarterly Education with Professional Trainers   

 AAIDT: Aligning your Actions with your Intentions Development Training

Monthly MMRT Mastermind Round Table Events

Facilitated by 4BR Members based on their experience, knowledge, and expertise

      • True & Consistent, fully integrated Quarterly Personal and Professional Development  Projects
  • 4BR.biz

Highly Trafficked Website with your Personalized Listing = more opportunity and visibility for your business!

Welcome to 4BR

New Member "To Do's" — We Want You to Succeed!

1. Set up meeting with your 4BR Member Mentor

Tap into the experienced 4BR Member’s knowledge of the path to success.


2. Set up Getting-to-Know-You Meetings with other members

The best path to Know, Like & Trust with others = where you establish your referral network.


3. Provide your listing information with professional headshot for inclusion on www.4BR.biz

Our Highly Trafficked & Professionally SEO-supported website with High Domain Authority.


4. RSVP for your upcoming meetings

Show commitment, Attract visitors with RSVP numbers on Meetup.


5. Bring a guest to every meeting

Expand your network and support the group that supports you!

6. Get Involved

Attend our Monthly and Quarterly Events to expand your Connections and Increase your Knowledge.

7. Learn the 4BR way To Be Better and Do More