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What to Expect From Our Professional Networking Groups

4br what to expect from networking groups blog

There are many different types of networking opportunities available to you in your area or online. You’ll need to determine what type of networking events or groups you’re looking for, and what options in your area best suit your needs. When making decisions about where to network, it can be helpful to have an idea of what to expect from a networking opportunity

Here at 4BR, we have a number of professional networking groups that are designed to support professionals as they grow their business and build a robust referral network. We’re a dedicated networking opportunity that may work a little differently than other networking events you consider. Let’s dive into what you can expect from a 4BR networking group.

A Membership-Based Professional Community

4BR has dozens of groups, with more starting up often. Which means your networking community extends beyond your group members or area. With a wide network of other professionals to connect with, learn from, and establish lasting personal and professional relationships with, you can expect to build your business with a group of other dedicated members. 

Regular Professional Development & Education

Professional development is a cornerstone of our members’ success. Our networking groups place an individual and group focus on professional education, with monthly and quarterly events designed to enhance your professional development. 

  • AAIDT: Aligning Your Actions With Your Intentions Development Training — these trainings are held quarterly with professional trainers who can help you reach your business goals and grow your business.
  • MMRT: Monthly Mastermind Round Table Events — these events are held monthly and facilitated by 4BR members who share their experience, knowledge, and expertise about a topic of their choice. 

New Member To Dos For Success

As every business person knows, your business won’t grow without your hard work and dedication. Effective networking requires the same focus. We’ve determined some of the best steps a new 4BR group member can take to jump-start your professional networking and grow your business. Some of those to-dos include:

  • Meeting a Mentor: Mentors can be an invaluable resource for your networking and business. Other professionals who have more experience with building a referral network or in a specific industry can offer valuable information to help you get started. Each 4BR group has a dedicated mentor to help navigate 4BR and optimal business growth techniques.  
  • List Your Business in the 4BR.biz Directory: Our website is highly trafficked and professionally SEO-supported. By listing your information in the 4BR member directory (including a link to your website) from www.4BR.biz, you can benefit from a high domain authority site sharing your information with visitors and potential customers. 
  • Get Involved: There are many ways that you can get involved as a 4BR networking group member. From regularly attending meetings to bringing a guest, the more you get involved with the 4BR community, the better success you’ll have building lasting relationships and establishing your referral network. 

Joining a 4BR Professional Networking Group

4BR is a networking opportunity designed to support your business needs. If you’re ready to join our community of professionals, find a group near you. Or dive deeper into the benefits of membership with 4BR professional networking groups.

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