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What is a Leads Group and Why Do You Need One?

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Finding the right networking opportunities for your business can be challenging. One-off networking events make it difficult to meet other professionals often enough to form lasting relationships. And industry-specific events often mean you’re networking with your competitors. If you’re looking for focused and effective networking, leads groups can be an ideal opportunity for professionals or business owners looking to expand your network and grow your business. 

What is a Leads Group?

A leads group is a business networking group designed for members to give and get lead generating referrals. These groups tend to be exclusive, meaning that membership is required, only one spot per industry/category is available, and they aren’t open to the public. There is typically a fee associated with membership, and members are expected to participate in the referral process. Depending on the organization, it may be a single group (like at a local chamber of commerce) or many groups across many locations. 

Leads groups prioritize building referral relationships and tend to have meetings designed to provide every member with the opportunity to network and share information about their profession or business with other members. Groups may have a required referral quota expected of every member in order to ensure that everyone is seeing results in the form of leads and business growth.

How are Leads Groups Different Than Other Networking Events?

While leads groups are a form of networking, they differ from what you may typically expect from a networking activity. Where many networking events are open to the public and may offer limited opportunities to meet people around speakers or presentations, leads groups are exclusive and provide a more focused version of networking.

Leads groups are ideal for professionals looking for regular, dedicated networking time. Most lead groups have attendance requirements and expect members to participate in the lead and referral process. If you’re looking for casual or occasional networking, a leads group likely won’t be a great fit for you. But if you’re determined to build your business and put in the time and work to do so, a leads group can be a big help. 

How a Leads Group Helps Your Business

Word of mouth can be one of your best marketing tools, and referrals are the professional version of this. Having connections in your area who are keeping an ear out for new leads and customers for your business can drastically expand your business reach. Networking with other professionals in your area can also provide valuable insight into marketing and sales tactics that have worked well for other business owners.

4BR Lead Groups

4BR is an organization of dedicated professionals across dozens of locations that work together to create robust and sustainable referral networks. Our leads groups are industry-exclusive, meaning that each member in a group comes from a different industry, and no two members compete with one another for leads. Learn more about the benefits of joining 4BR and check out 4BR group locations to find a leads group near you.

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