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How Business Cards Can Boost Your Business Referral Networking Game


Business referral networking can occasionally feel like a sea of faces, where you’re meeting new people and introducing yourself to new business opportunities left and right. But maintaining those networking connections means staying in contact beyond your initial introduction. There are a number of ways to establish that lasting connection, whether it’s exchanging emails or scheduling a one-on-one over coffee. A tried-and-true method of exchanging contact information at a business networking event is with business cards. 

Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

Yes! Business cards are not as common as they used to be, with so much more of our business interactions taking place digitally, but that doesn’t mean that business cards are obsolete or that you shouldn’t have your own cards for your business. Business cards are an easy, compact way to exchange important contact details with connections, which is a crucial component of boosting your business referral networking game. If you don’t have business cards, you’re relying on contacts to remember all your information or you’re left to scribble your email on the back of a receipt, neither of which create a good impression. 

Make Memorable Connections

Have you ever met someone, had a great connection, and then forgotten their name and contact information by the time you got back to your office to reach out to them? Despite our world becoming increasingly digital, in-person connections haven’t (and likely won’t ever) disappear, which means the need for business cards won’t disappear either. An important part of growing your business or professional opportunities is getting your name out in your community. Business cards are a bite-size way to make sure that your connections remember who you are at the time they’re ready to get in touch. 

Build Your Brand

Business cards are also a bite-sized look into your business and your brand. Your business cards should be well designed, use the same colors and fonts as your business website and other promotional materials, and easily offer any necessary information on how to get in touch, including a direct phone number, email, website, or social media handles. Having business cards that align with your branding can create a cohesive image of your business that resonates with a networking connection after you’re no longer face-to-face. Branding is influential in creating someone’s mental image or impression of your business, which is a big determining factor in whether that connection will remember your business when offering referrals.  

How 4BR Groups Use Business Cards in Business Referral Networking

At 4BR, each group has its own business card book. The book includes business cards from all the group members along with any guests of the group. Having a book of business cards creates an easy way for group members to offer referrals or reach out to members and guests for their own personal business needs. Like a business networking phone book, each group’s business card book provides easy access to contact information, opportunities to distribute your business cards to other members, and for those members to easily share your business cards for referral opportunities. To add your business card to the book and join a networking group focused on professional development, visit a 4BR group in your area!


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