Building Better Business by Referral, 4BR, a business development organization with a focus on personal and professional growth is five years old this October. What is it and where did it start?

Learn to embrace “NO”

Let’s face it 2007 – 2009 wasn’t a happy time to be a career Mortgage Lender even after 27 years in the industry. Have you ever decided to make a change and choose a new career? I did. My name is Tammy Urbach and almost six years ago I was a Financial Representative trying to establish myself in a new profession. That meant I needed to join a “Leads Group”. “Good luck with that” was the response I found over and over again. Based on my experience running a “Leads Group” for a local Chamber of Commerce I offered to start a new one for them and despite my proven track record I faced a “NO” response. Hhmmph…I thought to myself I guess I’ll just start my own.

I had no idea that my proven track record was a driving force in opening the door to the CREATIVITY that my brain had been yearning for in my thus far “black and white” work world. 4BR was started on an idea and one personally purposeful group. Fast forward 4BR is celebrating its 5 year anniversary – WOW – we’re a different type of organization. I provide the vision and structure and you invest your time. We can all benefit from Personal and Professional Development but let’s be honest – how many of us actually set aside time for such arduous self-work?? You know you should – the real question is do you and how? Problem solved – 4BR helps you in a group style environment.

When you work on yourself and your business with the help of others, your relationships are different. We establish relationships that feed you for a lifetime personally and professionally. Don’t you want that for yourself and your business? Are you simply about the one transaction or something greater?

Through the 4BR blog I look forward to sharing with you insights from our professional members, myself and others…let’s unlock the mystery of “Why” we choose to work with and do business with others, why we “Choose” to associate with and ultimately “Care” about our decisions and relationships with one another.

In closing, keep in mind “NO” is often the best response you’ll ever receive – Embrace It— it can move you in ways you wouldn’t expect.

5 years and counting –


Tammy Urbach

4BR CEO, Founder and Visionary