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Using Search Engine Location: Networking Events Near Me

4br using search - networking events near me

All networking events are not created equally. There are networking events for job hunting, within specific industries, to learn a new skill, or to build up your business. Which makes finding the right networking event for your needs a little challenging. Not only do you have to find a networking event that meets your needs and helps you reach your networking goals, you have to find something that fits into your schedule and is located nearby. 

One of your best resources for finding networking events in your area that fit with your networking goals is the internet. Given how digital our world has become, you’re probably not surprised to hear that a quick Google search can turn up a number of networking options. But let’s talk about how to use search engines to find the best results depending on where you live and what you’re looking to get from your networking endeavors. 

Figure Out What You’re Looking For 

The first step in using a search engine to find networking events near you is knowing what types of networking events you’re interested in. While you can use general search terms to find any and all networking events in your area, having additional search criteria can help you narrow down your results. Consider what you’re looking to get from your networking events. Are you trying to build a strong referral network for your business? Do you want to make connections in your field to help your job search? Are you looking for professional development opportunities? The more you know about what you’re looking for, the more specific your search terms can be, giving you better results to choose from.

How to Use Search Terms

Search engines work by ‘reading’ web pages and categorizing them based on the search terms that you’re looking for. While searching for ‘networking events’ will likely get you many pages of results, it’s casting a very wide net. Using more specific search terms based on what you’re looking for from your networking can reveal better results. If you’re looking for professional development, add those words to your search query. This helps your search engine look for networking events, providers, and groups that use the same words that you’re searching for to describe their networking opportunities.

Searching by Location

Search engine algorithms are complex systems with impressive functionality. With only a handful of words in your search bar, you’ll receive pages of specific information from the vast world wide web to answer your search. When looking for networking events in your area, there are a couple different ways you can use Google to your advantage. For larger cities where networking events are plentiful, searching by city or county name can turn up good results. An alternative that works well if you’re between cities, in a smaller area, or want to see all your local options is using the ‘near me’ search keywords. Computers can determine where you’re searching from based on your internet provider and use that information to pull search results related to your exact location. This is a great option if you live and work in different places — a search at work might turn up different opportunities than your home computer location. 

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