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Expanding Your Reach With Business By Referral

Expanding Your Reach With Business By ReferralYou have likely heard the metaphor birds of a feather flock together. When you think about it in relation to business, it can leave you at a disadvantage. While it's beneficial to build business relationships in your own industry, it's crucial to establish a business referral network outside of your industry too. This opens a plethora of doors and opportunities that your own 'flock' is unable to. By expanding your reach with business by referral, you'll see more success with your business, find professional development opportunities, and create lasting, fruitful relationships.

What a Strong Referral Network Looks Like

When you look up the word 'network' in the Merriam-Webster dictionary you will find that when used as a noun, it is defined as an interconnected or interrelated chain, group, or system. When used as a verb, it is defined as joining (things, such as computers) in a network. A strong business referral network is like a railway or a subway system that consists of connecting lines that run in different directions but are joined together. If you have no connecting lines, it can't be defined as a network. Creating and maintaining those lines in all directions is the key to maintaining a strong business referral network.

Build Your Referral Network With the Right People

Business referrals are built on professional relationships between individuals or businesses in different industries that can benefit each other. It's not sensible to establish referral relationships with your competitors, because it defeats the point of providing referrals. You wouldn't recommend your closest competitor to a potential customer. Often business owners in the same industry are familiar with each other from attending conventions and seminars. While these are great relationships to form, they won't help you extend your business reach. After all, they are targeting the same audience you are.

The Importance of Extending Your Reach Outside Your Industry

As every business professional knows, word of mouth is a powerful tool for growth. Creating a robust referral network can help you accelerate that growth. Having contacts in industries, areas, and networks other than your own dramatically increases your outreach, allowing you to take advantage of an entirely different customer base than your own.

The Benefits of Connections Outside Your Own Industry

The more extensive your network, the more success you'll see with referrals for your business, finding professional development opportunities, and creating lasting, fruitful relationships. The more you're referring interested customers to your networking connections, the more inclined they'll be to do the same for you! Supporting one another in building your businesses is one of the most rewarding ways to maintain your network.

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