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Colorado Leads Groups: 4BR Holiday Gratitude

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At 4BR, we’re focused on building a thriving community of professionals from all industries. We come together to build our businesses, develop our professional skills, and create lasting connections with other people in our communities to form a robust referral network. This year has been a challenge for all of us to build and enjoy our communities as we’ve adapted to health and safety restrictions due to COVID19. For many families and individuals in our areas, there have been financial hardships on top of the pandemic stress. While there’s nothing any of us can do to hurry COVID along, our 4BR members joined together this holiday season to give back with the Holiday Gratitude Project. 

The Holiday Gratitude Project

The Holiday Gratitude Project is an annual 4BR initiative to help our local food banks provide food and other necessities to families in need during the holiday season. This time of year should be full of family, friends, and food. While COVID has made two of those categories harder to do with limitations around seeing family and friends, no one should go without adequate food anytime of year. This holiday season, 4BR groups from across Colorado donated to the following food banks and charities: 

In total, our incredible group members have given $1,710 to food banks in their communities to help families who are struggling this holiday season. Some of our groups also chose to support a local family in need from their community. 


Like networking, when we come together to form a strong community, we can see even greater results than when we do it alone. We’re thankful for all our 4BR members who contributed to their local food bank for this year’s Holiday Gratitude Project. 

4BR & Non-Profit Support

4BR has leads groups in a lot of different areas, and each one holds a space for a local nonprofit in their community to join the group free of charge. This allows a local nonprofit to enjoy the benefits of a robust referral network and expand their reach for donations, volunteers, and support. Our nonprofit support is one of a few different ways that we support our communities throughout the year. 

When you build a strong professional network, you realize that we’re dependent on one another to see the most success in our business endeavors. The same is true of our communities. We’re all in it together, which means that we need to support our communities — the individuals, families, and businesses that call our area home. You can make a difference in someone else’s life with a financial or food-based donation to a food bank in your area. And if you’d like to join in on our giving back while building your professional skills and network, join 4BR!

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