Benefits of 4BR Membership

 Development & Networking

 4BR has a focus on personal and professional development. Our world is ever changing and we need to grow with those changes on both a personal and professional level.

 Relationships & Business

When you are working on yourself and your business with the help of others it changes your relationships. They’re different. They are stronger and your bonds are more complex.

 Community & FUN

We are a business community and we are an extended family. If you can’t have fun there is no point. If you can’t have fun with people you care about, well…I think we all  know the answer to that.

Member Testimonials

Pampered Chef Testimonial

"4BR is a wonderful networking organization. It provides me with an opportunity to grow my business, strengthen my public speaking skills and meet new friends/customers. It allows me to grow professionally as a leader and to work with other business owners in an engaging environment.

Sue Myers, Director in The Pampered Chef, Member since October 2010

Send Out Cards 2

"I joined 4BR 4 months ago as a SendOutCards distributor. I am looking to build my online greeting card and gifting business after being a stay at home mom for 12 years. Getting back into the ‘professional’ world can be a little scary for sure. 4BR has been an amazing group that is allowing me to meet and mingle with people from all professions. I love the personal/professional development piece as it is helping me to overcome my fear of speaking in front of groups. Our meetings are very well-organized and run smoothly every week. It is nice that we have events where ALL 4BR members can get together as well. Building meaningful and lasting relationships with other members is what I look forward to the most as a member of 4BR."

Janet Smith, Send Out Cards, October 2011

Juice PLUS+ Testimonial

When I joined the 4BR group it felt like home due to the warm reception. Feels like old friends and we actually do business!!

Rita Rodriguez, Juice PLUS+, October 2010

Send Out Cards Testimonial

"I have attended a number of networking referral groups, 4BR is by far head & shoulders above the others. 4BR is based on personal as well as business development for each of the members. The leadership and the members care for each other as if everyone was part of a very close-knit family. It is a place to build life-long relationships that will enhance your business potential for a lifetime."

Don Kenchel, Send Out Cards, April 2011

Code Blue Computing Testimonial

"I have been a member of 4BR since 2010. My expectations were that of a typical leads group, that we would meet once a week and I would receive some business from it. I have been absolutely blown away by the benefit of 4BR. Yes, I do receive business from it; and at a much higher level than I ever anticipated. The relationships that I have made within the group, have benefitted me both professionally and personally. Most importantly, the development opportunities have made the biggest impact for me and for my business. 4BR is not your typical leads group. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Simply put, it is the best."  

- Jeri Johnson Morgan, Code Blue Computing, Inc., Member since October 2010

Hairline & CO Testimonial

"I think the 4BR networking group is great! I have really learned a lot in the short time that I have become a part of the 4BR Thursday group. It is nice to have a team of people who have your back as you are building your business. I look forward to learning & growing with the 4BR family."

Laura Hamblen, Hairline & CO., January 2012

Bee Social

"I had been active in different Chamber of Commerce groups throughout Colorado and Utah in the past, but nothing compares to 4BR. The level of professionalism, community, and organization in 4BR is unmatched. Tammy and the Leadership Team have this down to a science. Every week is different, fun and everyone is truly there to help you grow your business. Joining 4BR is one of the best decisions I've made for my business!"

- Dustin Brackett, Bee Social, Member since July 2014

Shaelyn’s Suite

"Joining 4BR has been one of the best decisions I have made for my professional, and personal life. Not only was I put in a position to be able to personally grow and flourish, but also establish meaningful friendships and working relationships along the way.

I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

Thank you to the 4BR community as a whole, and Tammy Urbach for establishing it."

- Shaelyn Christiansen, Shaelyn's Suite, Member since April 2012

Inspirational Oasis

"I've been in a number of networking groups and really appreciate how 4BR stands out with genuine friendly people, organization with fun thrown in, and a sincere desire to help each other in business. I give my full recommendation."

Lisa Witter, MA, Inspirational Oasis, October 2011

Principal Packaging & Promotions

"I joined 4BR as a new member in January 2012. In two short weeks I had made more than a dozen member contacts, each of whom had interest in networking with me. I have already quoted a new business referral. 4BR is a hit for me!"

Alan Teague, Principal Packaging & Promotions, LLC, January 2010

Swirls LLC

"I joined 4BR because I was drawn to the friendly environment immediately. Everyone was very welcoming and interested in helping a new business owner to thrive. It's great to see a group of people develop personal relationships that lead to long lasting business partnerships. This is so much more than a typical networking group, as there is personal and business development, along with a genuine care and respect for one another. I look forward to the social events as a way to meet additional like-minded business professionals looking to build their business by strong referrals. I highly recommend 4BR, and look forward to building a strong foundation within this group."

- Jacki Cox, Swirls LLC, Member since June 2014

Fix-It 24/7

"4BR is one of the very best business referral and networking opportunities you can find.  The meetings are lively and actively engaged in business referrals. The meetings are succinct, pertinent, and the Group Leaders do an excellent job in running the groups. In fact, 4BR has generated more leads and referrals than any of the other groups I attend.  I have no reservation in unconditionally recommending this organization."

- Dr. Dirk Schmidt, Fix-It 24/7 Plumbing, Heating & Air, Member since March 2014

Beyond BodyWork

"4BR is a great resource for my business.  Far more than just another leads group, 4BR provides high quality content to help you grow both professionally and personally.  Each week we delve into ways to grow.  So far the most helpful topic for me has been learning other styles of communication.  If you are looking to raise your business and yourself, this is the group for you."

- Rob Hundley, Beyond BodyWork, Member since June 2012

Mary Kay

"I have been a member of 4BR for over 3 years and have been in business for myself for 26 years.  However, I have not stopped learning how to be a better business woman and person in general.  Tammy and 4BR have been the vehicle for this learning and I couldn't be more excited to continue to learn and benefit my business by my association with 4BR in the year ahead."

- Kathy Wilbur, Mary Kay, Member since May 2011

The Pinnacle Group Testimonial

"By being a member of 4BR you get the benefits of having 25 business coaches, supportive family members and friends, all wrapped up in one. 4BR 'gets' all business models, from financial services, brick and mortar sales to home-based businesses. Get to know a great group of people whose businesses you WANT to support, as well. It's the highlight of my week!"

Karren Madson, The Pinnacle Group, Member since January 2012

Exit One Realty Testimonial

"Great group of business partners working hard to enrich the joint effort on working smarter and not harder.

A group of professsional people building a relationship in order to exchange additional work ethics.

Everybody ought to join a group like this... It is affordable and everybody has the same thought in mind. That is 'staying above the competition'"

Diane Peltier, Exit One Realty, December 2011

Keller Williams

"I joined 4BR for several reasons. The most important one is that it is an opportunity to learn and develop personally. This is a unique aspect as I have never found it in any other group. Come on out and see for yourself."

Jacqui Jeffress, Keller Williams Realty, June 2011

Legal Shield Testimonial

"I love 4BR because it is the first leads/referral group I have ever belonged to that actually works on how to be a better business person. We work on projects that will build our business and the group gives constructive suggestions to help us make our presentations more precise. We also go beyond the one-to-one meetings and have social events so you actually get to know the other members and their families. All in all this is a great concept and I hope you will consider joining us!"

Penny Gaymon, Legal Shield, Member since November 2011

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