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Shane McEnany

Copper Ridge Financial

Meet Shane McEnany:
I'm your go-to mortgage broker in Gulf Breeze, Pensacola. I'm constantly honing my skills in finding the perfect mortgage loans tailored to my client's unique financial needs. As a dedicated middleman between borrowers and lenders, I'm committed to securing the best possible mortgage deals featuring the lowest interest rates and fees.
I'm all about transparency, reliability, and client satisfaction. I guide my clients through every step of the loan process, from completing the application to gathering the necessary documentation, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. My expertise and genuine care for my clients' financial well-being set me apart. I don't just aim to close deals; I aim to build lasting relationships based on trust and excellent service. Let's work together to make homeownership a dream come true!
Why I joined 4BR:
When it comes to networking and referrals, 4BR is a game-changer. Unlike anything else in Pensacola, this innovative group offers an approachable and dynamic alternative to traditional networking. I joined 4BR because it aligns perfectly with my values of community, support, and professional growth. Here, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the connections are genuine. In 4BR, I've found a supportive network of like-minded professionals eager to collaborate and help each other succeed.
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