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Membership Guidelines, Requirements and Benefits

Founded October 2010 | Last Amended January 1, 2022 | Effective April 1, 2024

Founder: Tamara S. Urbach

Our Mission
To bring together people who have a common interest in building their business in a positive environment of interaction, learning, networking, personal growth and professional development
Our Vision
Building Better Business by Referral
Membership General

Non-experienced and experienced professionals and entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply. Any business with a capacity to sell goods or services in a particular business category will have exclusivity in their category.  

The key to the success of 4BR is an environment conducive to business, personal interaction and the ability to generate business for other group members through your own connections.  


Membership Requirements
  • Within first 30 days of membership you must agree to meet with the Member Mentor for a mentoring session on how to experience success from membership in a 4BR group
  • Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis (a waiting list will be kept for openings in filled categories and/or to establish other groups). Acceptance = completed membership application and first year membership dues. ∙ Licensing – if your field requires licensing, 4BR also requires evidence of the same licensing for the field being represented in it’s membership
  • Regular Attendance is expected: Please reference the Attendance Policy - attached
  • Business Generation and Active Participation in the Group is expected: Please reference the Business Generation and Active Participation Policy – attached ∙ The maximum number of 4BR groups that any one person can participate in is two when representing the same business category.
  • Reply to new member “Welcome” email with necessary information for 4BR website and your preferred method of communication 
  • Professional Conduct. Conduct business in a professional manner that reflects positively upon 4BR and the organization as a whole.
  • Harassment. Harassment involves behavior towards another person that is unwanted. This can include, but is not limited to, unwanted comments, unwanted touching, derogatory language or bullying. Any of these behaviors can lead to disciplinary action, including removal of any group position and/or termination of membership.
Membership Benefits
  • Opportunity to present your business to group members and visiting guests resulting in a better understanding of your products, services or cause
  • New and Ongoing business generation
  • Presentation & Public Speaking Experience
  • Ability to establish Strong Business and Personal Connections ∙ Personal Growth
  • Professional Development
  • Website presence of your business and your contact information on www.4BR.biz
  • Event Sponsorship Opportunities at certain 4BR events ∙ Facebook Group and Facebook Page for your use to further promote your business, Linked In Group and other Social Media Channels, 4BR Blog ∙ BUILDING BETTER BUSINESS… the right way… by REFERRAL 
  • Quarterly Group Visits - If your business category is not represented in another 4BR group you may visit the other groups once per quarter 
  • Group Transfers - Should you wish to change groups and your category is available in another group you may submit a group transfer request with the transfer fee. EXISTING MEMBERS have first right of refusal to transfer groups over a new incoming member. If the transfer is not granted the transfer fee is refunded.
  • 2nd Memberships are available upon approval and subject to 2nd group dues
  • Getting to know you meetings with other Group Members and Outside groups
  • Guest speaker opportunities
  • Group social events – 3 per year minimum
  • 4BR Signature Events – Winter Snowball (February), Spring Fling (April), Summer Sizzle (August), Fall Fest (November) ∙ “MMRT” Mastermind Round Table Sessions monthly
  • “Aligning Your ACTIONS with Your INTENTIONS™” Development Training Series for personal growth and professional development
  • Guest Days/Happy Hour Events – 3 per group per year 
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Personal Growth through Fundraising/Volunteer Opportunities
Membership Meetings
  • RSVP'g for weekly meetings is expected via Meetup
  • Weekly meetings on your group’s day of the week will run 90 minutes in length with open networking for the first 15 minutes
  • Individual 30 second commercials during member introductions ∙ Personal and/or Community Event and Networking announcements ∙ 15 minute presentation on your business – based on a rotating schedule ∙ Personal Growth & Professional Development Projects – individual and group projects 

How to Join 4BR and Anticipated Expenses

To Secure Business Category – FIRST COME – FIRST SERVE – Submit Online Application with: 

  • One-Time Administrative Fee - $150
  • Membership Dues - Annual
    • Annual - $725.00 - Auto Drafted yearly thereafter
    • New markets may have promotional pricing in effect – check with your Territory Leader for qualification
  • Refunds are not granted for any reason
  • 2nd Membership Dues are discounted by 20% with a One-Time Administrative Fee of $100 and are not available for Installment Plans.
  • Group Transfers will require a $75 One-Time Administrative Fee
  • Automatic yearly renewal unless 60 days written notice to Territory Leader with acknowledgment.

Pay by credit or bank card via the website www.4BR.biz 

Note: Fees may vary by market and are subject to change Your own cost for food and beverage at our host location each week 

  • Upon acceptance - Get Out of Your Comfort Zone…Participate & Help Generate more Business for yourself by Helping Generate more Business for your fellow members!!
  • Membership Renewal will be offered on an annual basis to all members who follow the Attendance, Business Generation and Active Participation policies. The offer of membership renewal is not guaranteed. Note: If dues are not paid by the due date membership will be suspended and you will be unable to attend meetings until the following occurs: dues are paid thereby reinstating membership. Please note during the suspension period your business category will be open for someone else to join in your place. If your dues were at a grandfathered rate they will increase to the current market rate.

Photo and Video Release

I acknowledge that through my participation in 4BR that I may at times be photographed and/or videoed for the purpose of promotion of the organization, it’s meetings and events. I grant permission of the use of said photos and/or videos and waive all rights to the same.  

Conflict Resolution

All matters of conflict between members should be directed to the Group Leader, Territory Manager and/or Founder for resolution.


All information, content, process and other intellectual property are proprietary and are solely owned by 4BR and its’ subsidiaries.  All rights reserved. 

I hereby acknowledge receipt of the Membership Guidelines, Requirements, Benefits and referenced attachments.