Eric Gemelli



Tuesday 9am - Highlands Ranch CO

If you’re like most people, life has thrown you a few curve balls, and your retirement plans had to take a back seat. You’re not alone; 95% of Americans are off track. Hi, I’m Eric Gemelli, the market 4 caster who predicted the market crash that coincided with September 11th in my newspaper column in May, 2001. Maybe you want to catch up, or maybe you just want some extra money to take your grandkids to Disney World; I can help with my guaranteed training course. I teach you the forecasting and investment methods taught to me by my mentor, a billionaire-trader with the S&P 500. He showed me how to make in one year what takes most investors several years. You can have hope again by taking cautious control of a portion of money. I’m under-caffeinated so let’s get together for coffee and I’ll show you the methods I teach novice investors all the way to financial planners and stock brokers.