Akram Hassan

Edward Jones


Thursday 730am - Westminster CO

My wife and I moved to Colorado about 3 years ago, mainly for the love of the outdoors. She loves to hike, and I like just about anything in the mountains whether it’s snowing or on a steaming mid-summer day. It has made me realize the true beauty of the ecosystem around us and furthermore how delicate and negatively impacted the natural ecosystem is to the current industrial growth trends.

Believing it is one thing, but truly making an impact is another. So I put my skills to work; I used my skills to build an investment portfolio that supports companies with positive environmental, social, and governance programs that are aligned with our values. Public companies use stock shares to raise capital, and leadership is commonly rated based on stock share performance. By only investing in those companies our values are aligned with, we as a collective can passively make an impact through the comforts of our investment portfolios.

As I shared my investment philosophy with my clients and network, I also found that most people would love for their investments to align with those matters that they care about. Some of those matters, included equality within the workplace, good social governance, having women on the board of directors, etc. So I used my skills to help them invest responsibly too.

I encourage you to take control and take action, stop passively investing in companies that are not aligned with your values and position your investments in a matter that represents what you care about.

Always remember I’m here to help!