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Kate Smith

4BR Engagement Specialist

Meet Kate Smith.

Learning and Growing…it is what I strive to do at least 1 thing of each day!

I am undoubtedly an avid learner.  I have such a huge desire to learn more about those things around me that I am passionate about.    

My main passion is helping others find and create a lifestyle of health and wellness.   As a certified L1 Precision Nutrition Coach, I focus on helping others learn about “Functional Wellness” which means I share how to create healthy habits and still maintain a fun environment for day-to-day living.

My story and my passion for this started many years ago, with my own health journey.  In High School, I started having some health challenges and as I grew older, my body really struggled with feeling well.   After my second son was born, I began to really decline.  Doctor after Doctor really had no idea how to help, however they all wanted me to try some medication or other.  To the point that I was taking a handful of medications each day.  Realizing this was not how life was supposed to be lived, I started to delve into the world of clean eating and to learn more about how food affects our bodies.   It took some time however I was able to get off all the medications and am now living my best life.

I have had other things I truly enjoyed doing, like working with dogs, doing ballet, event/wedding planning and especially love working with technology.  I just like being able to figure out how it works!

My most exciting passion truly lies in my family, however.  I am married to an amazing man and we have been together for 30 years.  We have 2 wonderful sons and daughter in laws that we love.  We now have a beautiful little granddaughter and life is so full of joy and wonder through her eyes!   It is so amazing and I could not be happier with being a grandma!

I have been around 4BR for many years and have truly been Blessed to see it grow as I have grown.  The groups are warm and compassionate and feel like a family.   

So I am very excited to be the Engagement Specialist and help others see the benefits of joining such a truly unique group like 4BR.