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A two-time nationally published author and profit acceleration business coach, Holly Johnson owns Growth Solutions Coaching, working with business owners, CEOs, and organization leaders to double or triple their net profits in 12-18 months and create profitable and rewarding workplace environments that attract and retain the right employees.

Her two books, “Break Through Your Net Profit Barrier – How I Find $100K in any Business in 50 Minutes” and “How to Make Feeling Good Your Priority – A Marathoner’s Journey to a Feel-Good State,” are the culmination of 35+ years as a marketing/PR firm owner, brand consultant, copywriter, author, speaker, 27-time marathoner, and running coach. Her third book, “Break Through Your Hiring & Retention Barriers: Three Key Strategies Used by Successful Leaders,” is scheduled for release in early December and has already achieved national bestseller status for pre-orders.

Holly’s career has included building in-house media relations departments for Colorado Ski Country and the Colorado Tourism Board, starting and running two successful PR and marketing firms, and developing her own coaching businesses. Her industry expertise includes B2B and B2C in travel, tourism, hospitality, F&B, retail, real estate, healthcare, special events, and non-profits.

Holly has spearheaded 4BR's organizational expansion into Colorado’s mountain resort region with the formation of the Eagle County Chapter in the Vail Valley with plans to add at least one more chapter in the coming year.


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