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Professional Networking Groups & Leads Groups in Georgia


4:00 pm at V Paul's Italian Ristorante (Pensacola, FL)



No group in your area or is your category already represented? Start a new group! Contact Tammy at Tammy@4BR.biz today!

4BR Local Networking Meetings

Networking is an easy and effective way to grow your business and local contacts. For every connection you make that expands your referral network, you have another possible avenue for finding leads, customers, and clients. Getting started with local networking is easy with 4BR meeting groups across a number of locations in Colorado with plans in place to expand nationally.

Who can join a 4BR business networking group? 

We have members across a huge variety of industries. Joining a 4BR meeting group opens up opportunities to connect with and learn from other professionals in a different field than your own. Members of each group are limited by business category, so multiple members of the same business type won’t be in the same group. Instead, members in a group are from a variety of different business categories, which creates a wide, diverse network for you to connect with. By establishing connections outside of your own industry, you increase your business reach and the potential to find customers outside of your traditional avenues for success through referrals.

Where can I attend a 4BR business networking group?

Currently, 4BR networking groups happen all across Colorado, from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. We have plans in place to expand nationwide (If you are interested in starting a 4BR in your state, let us know). Take a look at the meetings list below and find the event that’s closest to you. You’re not limited to only the area you live in and are welcome to join meetings in other cities. This can be beneficial if you’re looking to build your business in other parts of the state, or if you work outside of the area where you live. 

When can I attend a 4BR business networking group?

Meetings happen throughout the week and at a number of times throughout the day to fit within your schedule. As you become a 4BR regular, you can block off your meeting time on your calendar and check networking off your to-do list each week with ease. And if there isn’t a meeting at a location or time that fits well into your schedule, you can start a new group in your preferred location at a time that works for you.

4BR on Meetup.com

You can also find 4BR networking meetings listed on Meetup, where you can easily find a group near you and RSVP. You can attend your first meeting for free and then join our huge network of 4BR business professionals as a member to continue attending meetings.

What happens at a 4BR business networking meeting? 

During each networking event, you can expect to meet with a group of business professionals — typically less than twenty per group — from a variety of industries other than your own. Typically, a member or guest will present on a relevant business topic and there will be time to connect with the other members within your group to create a strong business community. 

Business growth through local networking events

By joining a local networking group in your area or the area where you do business, you can easily establish strong relationships with other business people while focusing on personal and professional development. Connecting with other people who are also looking to grow their business through networking and referrals can be the opportunity, support, and inspiration you need to continue building your business success.

Getting started with 4BR business networking

Get started today with your first free meeting and then join 4BR as a member. No matter where you are in your business development, a 4BR networking group can help you build your business, your personal development, establish lasting relationships, and have some fun! Find a group below that works well for your location and schedule, and RSVP through Meetup to get started.