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Meet Alyssa Henningsen.
Most importantly, I am a mother to a daughter, who has eyes watching the example I set, as I raise her. I have paved a career in the Insurance Industry for the last 4 years with the intent to take care of others the way I would take care of my own family. I have completed a flip on a rental property to provide a safe space for other single moms to have a place to call home. I believe that there is value in being able to trust your advisors and mentors. I love being in the position to put my clients, tenants, and peers’ best interest at the forefront of my mind.
If you care about it, I care about it too and I will always find a way to protect it.
The agency I am apart of has taken part in bringing up new agents, my home is taking part in supporting other single moms and 4BR is another opportunity to raise up my peers around me.  I have stepped into leading the El Paso County Territory for 4BR coming from a place of wanting to see those around me succeed and build quality relationships. 4BR has been my launch pad for the last 2.5 years of growing my own business and I cannot wait to stand next to more likeminded individuals as our territory grows.