Cat Cantor

MusicalHands LLC

PHONE: (720) 565-2805

EMAIL: [email protected]

GROUP: Thursdays 4pm at 95a Bistro & Sushi

I am in the business of optimizing the health of people and horses, and I accomplish that by using massage and the integration of an amazing complimentary technique, sound therapy. It is Super relaxing to the nervous system and, non-invasive. My work is focused on long lasting healing rather than short-term relaxation or stress relief, although you get a bundle of both. 

I use tuning forks placed directly on the body, applied very much like acupuncture without needles, they provide a resonance to encourage the healing process. I am trained in knowing which frequencies help heal specific health problems.

The short story is that I apply tuning forks directly on the body, while blending massage and aromatherapy, creating healing and change J

Please visit my website and view a 1-minute video which explains more of my practice.

Cat Cantor, LMT, Sound Therapy Practitioner

For People and Horses

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Cat Cantor | MusicalHands

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