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I am Adam Helie with Helie Chiropractic Clinic. I specialize in the treatment of the whole body, not just on pain management. Whether you were involved in an auto accident, work or sports injury, or just don’t feel 100%, I am the guy for you.

I believe there are 3 causes of human dis-ease: Physical Trauma, Hormone Imbalance related to stress, and Chemical Toxicity. With proper education and the right coaching, you can get your life back. Don’t let pain or weight get in your way.

At Helie Chiropractic, we employ a range of complimentary treatment methods in addition to chiropractic care: massage therapy, soft tissue mobilization, and Dry Needle Therapy. Utilizing a goal-oriented, collaborative approach, we team up with our patients to create a treatment plan unique to you.

Call us to learn more, or book an appointment online. We look forward to working with you to achieve your ultimate health potential!

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Adam Helie | Helie Chiropractic Clinic

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